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Renogy 40 Amp Commander MPPT Solar Charge Controller

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  • Advanced maximum power point tracking technology with high tracking efficiency up to 99%.
  • Multiphase synchronous rectification technology ensuring peak conversion efficiency up to 98%.
  • Reverse protection: Any combination of solar module and battery, without causing damage to any component.
  • Electronic protection against overcharging, over-discharging, overload, and short circuit.
  • This controller's default battery parameters are set to Sealed Lead Acid. In order to adjust the parameters, Renogy's MT-50 Meter will be needed.

Take command of your off-grid solar power system with this new and improved 40A MPPT charge controller. Unlike a basic PWM Controller, this charge controller is compatible with sealed lead-acid, flooded, and gel batteries (all deep cycle). This controller keeps the batteries from becoming over-charged or discharged, increasing the longevity of your batteries. This high tech controller features Multiphase Synchronous Rectification and Maximum Power Point Tracking technologies, which increases charging efficiency and improves system performance. 

Rated Battery Current: 40A
Max. Solar Input Voltage: 150VDC 
Maximum Battery Voltage: 32V 
Max. Solar Input Power: 520W (12V), 1040W (24V) 
Rated Load Current: 20A 
Temp. Compensation: -5mV/°C/2V (default) 

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