David Hutchison & Shari Galiardi


David Hutchison and Shari Galiardi



In 2012, David Hutchison and Shari Galiardi left behind careers and a comfortable home in North Carolina to travel with the vintage camper trailer they lovingly restored, outfitted with solar, and named “Hamlet.” What they thought would be a year or two adventure around the continent transformed into a new lifestyle – 6.5 years later, with no end in sight, they share stories and insights from their mid-life adventure to large industry travel shows, intimate college campuses, open tiny houses in REI parking lots and a growing online audience. Travelling over 100,000 miles to 49 states, countless National Parks, and other public lands, the couple pursues what it means to live the good life on their own terms and sustain it.

The writing and photography duo currently pen the popular “Full-Time Campers” (almost) weekly column in The Dyrt’s online magazine as well as other publications. Solar power has always been a part of their journey and their advice can be found on the Renogy website in addition to their own social media channels and travel blog.



We have been solar and alternative energy educators and advocates years before becoming Renogy Solar Ambassadors. Every time we set up our solar panel in a campground, we invite conversations about how to live off the grid. Over the last several years we’ve been giving presentations and open houses across the country about how we live large by living very small. We currently use the following Renogy products to power our lives.


What Renogy Products you use?

100 Watt Solar Suitcase

The Renogy 100 Watt Foldable Solar Suitcase replaced a standard 80-watt panel with which we traveled for over 5 years.  We really appreciate the upgrade, not only in the 20 extra watts of power which quickly charges our battery, but in the flexibility of this product.  It is easy to set up with its built-in stand, and easy to put away when it’s time to move on.  Check out our solar tour on You Tube for how we have our system set-up.  

Phoenix Solar Generator

The Renogy Phoenix Solar Generator is a great backup to our main camper solar system, which is especially handy during the time of year when solar gain is low.  We keep this portable unit charged via the integrated 20-watt panel or by plugging it into the cigarette lighter outlet while driving.  For more about how we use this generator, check out our You Tube video.


Links to social media

Website: freedominacan.com
Instagram: @freedom.in.a.can
Facebook: Adventures with Hamlet: Freedom in a Can
The Dyrt’s Full-Time Campers: https://thedyrt.com/magazine/author/shari/
YouTube Channel: Shari Galiardi - Freedom in a Can
Blog: Tales from a Mid-Lifeventure