Tessa Ely and Dillon Vought


Tessa Ely and Dillon Vought

We are an Alaskan couple driving our 1975 VW campervan from Alaska to Argentina and back! We have been on the road for 13 months.



Our favorite part of the trip has been when we are able to camp out in remote areas for extended periods of time. Being off the grid for long periods of time wouldn’t be possible for us without our Renogy solar panels to power our lights, inverter, fans and refrigerator. The panels offer us the freedom to stay out indefinitely while watching movies, editing photos, and taking spanish lessons on our laptops!


What Renogy Products you use?

We have two 100 watt flexible panels, wiring, and the charge controller from Renorgy. The flexible panels fit perfectly in the luggage rack of our VW bus. We are able to stack two panels on top; one that is permanently mounted and another one that is attached to 30 ft. of wiring that we can pull down to put directly in the sun when we are camped out. Everyone has been so impressed with the size and efficiency of the panels that those who are interested in getting panels of their own have bought the same ones!


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